The Guenther House

San Antonio, United States

The Guenther House


The Guenther House is a restaurant, museum and store located at 205 E. Guenther Street in the King William neighborhood of the Bexar County city of San Antonio in the U.S. state of Texas. Currently operated by C. H. Guenther and Son. Inc., the home was originally built as a private residence in 1859 by Pioneer Flour Mills founder Carl Hilmar Guenther. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places listings in Bexar County, Texas on October 11, 1990.

Carl Hilmar Guenther (1826–1902) was one of eight children born to millwright Carl Gottfried Guenther and his wife Johanne Rosina Koerner Guenther on March 19, 1826, in Weißenfels, Germany. Like his father, he had been trained to be a millwright, and in 1844 became a member of the guild of master millwrights in Europe. He also had trade skills as a cabinet maker and stonemason. In 1848, Guenther traveled to the United States. Guenther declared his intention to become a United States citizen on June 28, 1851. Citizenship was granted to him on October 8, 1854. He became a Justice of the Peace in 1856. On October 7, 1855, Guenther married Dorothea Pape. The couple had seven children.

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