Sand Hutton Light Railway

Sand Hutton, United Kingdom

Sand Hutton Light Railway

The Sand Hutton Light Railway was a minimum gauge estate railway serving the estate of Sir Robert Walker, the Fourth Baronet of Sand Hutton, Yorkshire. It connected the main house with the LNER Warthill Station and the village of Bossall. It replaced the earlier, shorter, 15 in (381 mm) gauge Sand Hutton Miniature Railway that was built in 1914.

After the First World War Walker obtained an order under the Light Railway Act that allowed him to extend the existing Sand Hutton Miniature Railway to 7+34 miles (12.5 km) to allow the railway to serve as the primary transportation system for the estate and link it to the North Eastern Railway (NER) at Warthill. Construction of the extension was nearing completion by the end of 1920 when it became clear that more substantial rolling stock would be required for the line to fulfill its purpose.

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