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Braunlage is a town in the Harz National Park in South Lower Saxony.

Braunlage is a town located in the Goslar region of the southern Harz mountains. Records show that Braunlage existed as a small mining community as early as 1250, and expanded slowly over the centuries. One of the oldest buildings still standing today is the Ironworks building from 1658 which is now the Harz Hotel Altes Forsthaus. In the 17th Centure Braunlage gained Market town rights and by the end of the 19th century, with the development of the Southern Harz Railway line, Lumber and Quarrying became an important economic factor for the region. The granite quarry based on the Wurmberg mountain, the second highest in the Harz, was still in production up until 1974. The Wurmbergseilbahn, or Gondola, completed in 1965, links Braunlage with the Wurmberg covering a length of 2.8 km and rising 400 m, the longest in northern Germany. The Gondola was renovated completely in 2001 and operates 6 person cabins for up to 900 persons per hour. Braunlage offers skiiers and tobogganers plentiful sport in the winter months. Braunlage, like many towns in the former border zone, suffered economically from the cancellation of the zone subsidy and the opening of the eastern Harz as competition. In November 2011, as a cost saving measure, the town administration merged with that of St. Andreasberg.

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