Los Dominicos Village

Santiago, Chile

Los Dominicos Village


Pueblito Los Dominicos (Los Dominicos Village) is a crafts market and popular tourist shopping destination in a heritage zone of Santiago, Chile. It is located at the end of Avenida Apoquindo in Los Dominicos Park, to the side of San Vicente Ferrer Church (also known as Los Dominicos Church).

In 1544, the lands that now hold the ‘’pueblito’’ were bestowed upon the female Spanish conquistador Inés de Suárez by the governor of Chile, Pedro de Valdivia, and from then were passed several times to different families. During the Chilean War of Independence, it was a favourite hiding place for the independence leader Manuel Rodriguez, and later the well-known Chileans Diego Barros Arana, José Manuel Balmaceda and others would occupy these lands for the same purpose.

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