Plaza Ñuñoa

Santiago, Chile

Plaza Ñuñoa


Plaza Ñuñoa is found in the Ñuñoa commune of Santiago, Chile, located in the eastern part of the city. It is classic meeting place well known for its cultural centers, entertainment venues, restaurants, bars, nightlife, and ice cream stores. Plaza Ñuñoa is also where an alternative music scene fomented.

Plaza Ñuñoa is located between Irarrázaval Avenue and Duble Almeyda Avenue and between Jorge Washington street and Manuel de Salas street. The plaza also extends north of Irarrázaval Avenue. The closest metro station is Irarrázaval or Plaza Egaña , neither of which are particularly close to the Plaza. The plaza is accessible on any of the buses that go from the center of Santiago to La Reina commune: 227, 403, 422, 505, 513, 514.

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