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The Costanera Center Torre 2, better known as Gran Torre Santiago (Great Santiago Tower), and previously known as Torre Gran Costanera, is a 62-story tall skyscraper in Santiago, Chile, the second tallest in Latin America (behind Mexico's T.Op Torre 1). It is the fourth-tallest building in the Southern hemisphere by highest architectural feature (behind New Zealand's Sky Tower, Australia's Q1 Tower and Australia 108) and third-tallest by highest occupied floor (after Australia's Australia 108 and Eureka Tower). It was designed by Argentine architect César Pelli, Chilean architects Alemparte Barreda & Asociados, and the Canadian company Watt International.

Gran Torre Santiago is part of the Costanera Center complex, which includes the largest shopping mall in Latin America, two hotels and two additional office towers. Gran Torre Santiago is 300 metres (980 ft) tall and 64 storeys high plus 6 basement floors, with a floor pitch of 4.1 metres (13 ft) and 107.125 m2 in area.

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