Football Museum

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Football Museum


The Football Museum (pt: Museu do Futebol) is a space in the city of São Paulo, Brazil dedicated to the most different subjects involving the practice, history and curiosities revolving around football in Brazil and in the world. This cultural space was built inside Pacaembu Stadium, located at Charles Miller Square in the Pacaembu neighborhood, on the west side of the city. The work was carried out by a consortium formed by the municipality and the São Paulo state government and inaugurated in September 29, 2008, with the presence of Pelé. From one of the exhibition rooms it is possible to admire the lawn of the stadium from above.

In the museum, visitors have the opportunity to understand how a sport of English origin, practiced by white members of the elite, gradually became a sport characteristic of all Brazil by adhering mestizo and popular traits of the Brazilian culture.

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