Mercado Municipal de São Paulo

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Mercado Municipal de São Paulo


The Municipal Market of São Paulo (Portuguese: Mercado Municipal Paulistano, Mercado Municipal de São Paulo) is a large public market in São Paulo, Brazil. It was designed by the architect Francisco Ramos de Azevedo and inaugurated on January 25, 1933 as a wholesale and retail post specializing in fruits, vegetables, cereals, meats, spices and other food products. The market is located in the Mercado neighborhood, a name that references the market, in the historic center of São Paulo. It is located near the Tamanduateí River in the old Várzea do Carmo, a floodplain of the river now primarily used as Dom Pedro II Park. The market was formally named the Mercado Municipal São Paulo in 1995. It is commonly known in São Paulo as the Mercadão, or "big market", and a noted meeting point for resident São Paulo and one of the most visited tourist spots in the city.

The structure, built in the eclectic style, is noted for its columns, vaults and stained glass. It was constructed between 1928 and 1933 by the office of the architect Francisco de Paula Ramos de Azevedo (1851-1928), with a façade designed by Felisberto Ranzini.

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