Saratov Bridge

Saratov, Russia

Saratov Bridge

Saratov Bridge (Russian: Сара́товский мост, Sarátovskij most), crossing the Volga River in Saratov, Russia was the longest bridge in the Soviet Union upon its inauguration in 1965. Its length is 2,803.7 meters (9,198 ft). It connects Saratov on the right (west) bank of the Volga, with the city of Engels on the left (east) bank.

The new bridge was built at the village of Pristannoye, 14 kilometers (8.7 mi) upstream from the Saratov Bridge. The construction of it started in late 1990s and by the year 2000, the first part was accomplished and set for use. The second part was completed and opened on 16 October 2009. Its total length (with approaches and viaducts) is 12,760 meters (41,860 ft).

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