Satley, United Kingdom

Satley is a village and civil parish in County Durham, England, with a population of 292 in 2001, falling to 282 at the 2011 Census. It is situated six miles to the south of Consett on the B6296 road near the A68. The village of Satley lies in a narrow valley between Lanchester and Tow Law. It was long ago part of the large parish of Lanchester, but has become a parish in its own right in 1834. The Satley Parish Council meets often and is part of the County Durham Association of Local Councils, they attempt to solve issues in the village by meeting with Durham County Council or solving them internally.

Satley has a long history, with archaeological evidence dating back as far as the Bronze Age, even today buildings such as the church which was built in 1816 still stands. Today Satley is a thriving village in the farming community. Many of the local services have shut down and many of the locals commute further afield to work, but many basic local facilities still remain. The farming village is also near the tourist attraction Hall Hill Farm.

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