Solomon's Lodge, Savannah

Savannah, United States

Solomon's Lodge, Savannah

Solomon's Lodge, located in Savannah, Georgia, is a Masonic lodge was founded in 1734 by the founder of the colonial Province of Georgia, General James Oglethorpe, and James Lacey and claims to be the oldest continuing operating lodge in America. It is the mother lodge of the Grand Lodge of Georgia, and between 1734 and 1785 was the only lodge in Georgia. It was not called Solomon's Lodge until 1776, previously being known as "The Lodge at Savannah." It occupies the former Savannah Cotton Exchange building. The first person to be initiated into the lodge was the settler and plantation founder Noble Jones.

Many influential local politicians were members of Solomon's Lodge, including Joseph Habersham (US postmaster general), George Handley (Governor or Georgia) and Henry Osborne (judge and delegate to the Continental Congress).

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