Molen van Schoonoord

Schoonoord, Netherlands

Molen van Schoonoord

The Molen van Schoonoord is a smock mill in Schoonoord, Netherlands. The mill was built in 1903 and is listed as a Rijksmonument, number 33784. It is now used as living accommodation.

A mill was built here in 1854. It stood until it was severely damaged in a storm in 1903, when the cap and sails were blown off. To replace it, a mill was moved here in 1903, having previously been used as an oil mill in Middelstum, Groningen, under the name Molen van Faber. The mill was built for J S de Vries. The mill was repaired in 1937 by millwright Christiaan Bremer of Adorp, Groningen. In 1946, Sails with leading edges streamlined using the Van Bussel system were fitted. The mill was working until 1952, and then stood idle. The mill was dismantled in 1978, the cap surviving alongside the mill. The smock survives to its full height, retaining the stage. The mill is used as living accommodation.

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