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West Kilbride is a small town in Ayrshire on the Clyde coast of southwest Scotland. It was traditionally a weaving, potato-growing and sheep-farming town, expanding when the railway arrived in 1878, to grow into nearby Seamill and Portencross. In the 21st C it's sought to distinguish itself as an arts & crafts centre, with partial success, and to distance itself from the industrial complex of Hunterston just north. There a fabulous Celtic brooch was found, dating to 700 AD and now in the NMS in Edinburgh; but Hunterston is better known for its nuclear reactors, which you can visit.

By plane: Glasgow Airport (GLA) has the best choice of flights. Take the airport bus to Glasgow city centre then train or bus as below. Prestwick (PIK) is closer but only has Ryanair flights to the Med.

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