East Kong Yick Building

Seattle, United States

East Kong Yick Building

The East Kong Yick Building (Chinese: 東公益大廈; pinyin: Dōng Jūn Yì Dàshà; Jyutping: Dung1 Gwan1 Jik1 Daai6haa6) is one of two buildings erected in Seattle, Washington's Chinatown-International District (ID) by the Kong Yick Investment Company (the other being the West Kong Yick Building). A four-story hotel in the core of the ID, with retail stores at ground level, the East Kong Yick was created by the pooled resources of 170 Chinese American pioneers. In, 2008, the building reopened as the home of the expanded Wing Luke Asian Museum.

In 1910 Goon Dip, a prominent businessman in Seattle's Chinese American community, led a group of Chinese American pioneers to form the Kong Yick Investment Company. [The name of the company, Kong Yick (公益) loosely means "public benefits."] With no financial backing from a bank, the investment company pooled money from approximately 170 Chinese American community members to fund the construction of two twin buildings that would serve as the anchor of a "new" Chinatown.

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