Seattle George Monument

Seattle, United States

Seattle George Monument

The Seattle George Monument, also known as Seattle, Washington Monument, is an outdoor 1989 sculpture by Buster Simpson, installed outside the Washington State Convention Center, north of 7th Avenue between Union and Pike Streets, in Seattle, Washington, in the United States. The kinetic sculpture, which is made from aluminum, steel, painted metal, wire, English ivy, concrete, and mylar sheets, depicts Chief Seattle and George Washington. It was surveyed and deemed "treatment needed" by the Smithsonian Institution's "Save Outdoor Sculpture!" program in October 1994. The sculpture was designed to resemble the highway shields used by Washington's state highway system.

The sculpture rests on a trellis base under the suspended nose of a Boeing 707. Lines from Chief Sealth's farewell speech are etched in the base in English and phonetic Salish.

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