Westlake Park (Seattle)

Seattle, United States

Westlake Park (Seattle)

Westlake Park is a 0.1-acre (400 m2) public plaza in downtown Seattle, Washington, United States. It was designed by Robert Mitchell Hanna. Extending east from 4th Avenue up to and including a former portion of Westlake Avenue between Pike and Pine streets, it is located across Pine Street from the Westlake Center shopping mall and Westlake station, a major monorail and light rail hub. The park and mall are named for Westlake Avenue, which now terminates north of the mall, but once ran two blocks farther south to Pike Street through the present site of the mall and park. Westlake Park is considered Seattle's "town square", and celebrities and political figures often make appearances or give speeches from the four-story shopping center's balcony.

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