Minsk Voivodeship

Senitsa, Belarus

Minsk Voivodeship

Minsk Voivodeship (Belarusian: Менскае ваяводзтва, Menskaje vajavodztva, Polish: Województwo mińskie, Latin: Palatinatus Minscensis) was a unit of administrative division and local government in Grand Duchy of Lithuania since 1566 and later in Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, until the partitions of the Commonwealth in 1793. Centred on the city of Minsk and subordinate to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the region continued the traditions – and shared the borders – of several previously existing units of administrative division, notably a separate Duchy of Minsk, annexed by Lithuania in the 13th century. It was replaced with Minsk Governorate in 1793.

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