Ihwa Mural Village

Seoul, South Korea

Ihwa Mural Village


Ihwa Mural Village (Korean: 이화 벽화마을), is an area of Ihwa-dong, Seoul near Naksan Park that was revitalized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism's public art "Ihwa-dong Naksan Project" in 2006, with paintings and installation art of about 70 artists. It is a popular destination for both locals and international tourists for its murals and scenic setting.

Ihwa Mural Village is located between Hyehwa Station and Dongdaemun Station, just below Naksan Park. In 2006, when the public art project started, Ihwa-dong, one of Seoul's oldest neighbourhoods, was a decaying suburb designated for demolition, and home to mostly poor families and elderly people. The government's Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism "Art in the City" campaign set about to improve conditions in some of these areas, and included the Ihwa-dong Naksan Project in Iwha-dong and Dongsung-dong near Daehangno in central Seoul.

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