Yanghwa Bridge

Seoul, South Korea

Yanghwa Bridge

The Yanghwa Bridge (양화대교) is an eight lane bridge spanning the Han River in Seoul. The bridge connects Mapo-gu on the north side of the river to Yeongdeungpo-gu on the south side of the river. The bridge is buttressed by the eastern end of the island of Seonyudo, home to Seonyudo Park (선유도공원).

The bridge is a combination of two bridges: the old bridge, originally called the "Second Han River Bridge" (제2한강교), completed in 1965; and the new bridge, completed in 1982. The old bridge was the first bridge built by Korean technology after independence in 1945 and served as the gateway from Seoul to the west coast. Due to increasing traffic, construction for an expansion started in 1979 and the new eight lane bridge was completed in February 1982.

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