Cemetery of San Fernando

Seville, Spain

Cemetery of San Fernando

The Cemetery of San Fernando (Spanish: El Cementerio de San Fernando) is located in the San Jer贸nimo district, north of the city of Seville, Andalusia, Spain. It was built in 1852, and it is the only municipal cemetery in the city. It has an area of 28 hectares (69 acres) and is considered as one of the most famous cemeteries in Spain.

The boundaries of the cemetery are roughly shaped like an upside-down pyramid. The main entrance is at the southwest corner, which gives access to a long 800-metre main road. The cemetery has three sections, separated by two roundabouts. The lower third is 360 metres long, and stretches from the southern entrance to the roundabout containing the crucified Antonio Susillo. The part of the main road in this section is called Calle de la Fe (Faith Street). From this roundabout to the next roundabout, the road stretches 120 metres and is called Calle de la Esperanza (Hope Street). From that roundabout to the end there is a final 240 metres of road called Calle Caridad (Charity Street).

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