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Tianzifang or Tianzi Fang (Chinese: 田子坊; pinyin: Tiánzǐ Fāng; Shanghainese: Die Tz Fån) is a touristic arts and crafts enclave that has developed from a renovated traditional residential area in the French Concession area of Shanghai. It is now home to boutique shops, bars and restaurants.

The district comprises a neighborhood of labyrinthine alleyways off Taikang Road (Chinese: 泰康路; pinyin: Tàikāng Lù), a short street which is today mostly known only for Tianzi Fang. Tianzi Fang is known for small craft stores, coffee shops, trendy art studios and narrow alleys. It has become a popular tourist destination in Shanghai, and an example of preservation of local Shikumen architecture. It is sometimes compared to Xintiandi, though in the latter precinct most of the houses were demolished and rebuilt, rather than renovated.

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