Baksei Chamkrong

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Baksei Chamkrong

Baksei Chamkrong (; Khmer: ប្រាសាទបក្សីចាំក្រុង, Prasat Băksei Chămkrŏng, pronounced [ɓaksəj camkroŋ]) is a small Hindu temple located in the Angkor complex (Siem Reap, Cambodia). It is dedicated to Shiva and used to hold a golden image of him. The temple can be seen on the left side when entering Angkor Thom at the southern gate. It was dedicated to Yasovarman by his son, King Harshavarman I.: 114 : 70, 75  The temple was completed by Rajendravarman II (944–968).

The name "Baksei Chamkrong" means "The Bird Who Shelters Under Its Wings" and comes from a legend. In it, the king tried to flee Angkor during a siege and then a huge bird landed and sheltered him under its wings.

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