Skopje, Macedonia

Centar (Macedonian: Центар) is the modern commercial and political hub of Skopje, capital of North Macedonia. It is one of the 10 municipalities that make up the City of Skopje. To the northeast is the Old Bazaar and Čair Municipality, Gazi Baba Municipality is to the east, Aerodrom and Kisela Voda municipalities are to the southeast, and Karpoš Municipality is to the west. Centar includes the Parliament and Government of North Macedonia, the ever-changing Macedonia Square, quality museums, and the country's largest stadium.

Centar primarily sits on the south bank of the Vardar River, though portions of the north bank are also included. For simpler presentation, although large portions of the Old Bazaar fall within Centar, the Old Bazaar in its entirety is covered on one guide. Centar extends to the foot of Mount Vodno to the southwest, roughly to the train tracks in the east, and roughly to the City Park in the west.

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