Armeets Arena

Sofia, Bulgaria

Armeets Arena

Armeets Arena Sofia (Bulgarian: Арена Армеец София, [ɐˈrɛnə ɐrˈmɛet͡s ˈsɔfijə]) is a multi-purpose indoor arena located in Sofia, Bulgaria. It has a seating capacity of 12,373. For concerts it can grow to 17,906. It was originally called Arena Sofia before the Bulgarian insurance company Armeets purchased the naming rights. There are 887 parking lots, 614 of them placed in a central exterior parking, 231 placed in near streets and 42 designated for disabled people.

Designed as a universal hall for cultural events and sports, the arena could host up to 30 types of sports, including basketball, volleyball, handball, futsal, boxing, tennis, weightlifting, fencing and gymnastics competitions as well as concerts.

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