Georgi Bradistilov

Sofia, Bulgaria

Georgi Bradistilov

Georgi Delchev Bradistilov (Bulgarian: Георги Делчев Брадистилов; 25 October 1904 [12 October 1904 O.S.] – 18 June 1977) was a Bulgarian mathematician.

Georgi Bradistilov, the fourth and youngest child in the family of the high-ranked civil servant at Bulgarian Ministry of Finance, Delcho Petkov Bradistilov (1866 – 1927), and teacher Nona Georgieva Bradistilova (née Motekova) (1876 – 1958), was born on 12 October 1904 OS in Panagyurishte. He attended 3rd Sofia gymnasium and in 1922 entered Sofia University to study physics and mathematics. In 1927 he graduated with honors and the same year was appointed as assistant professor in mathematics. In the 1930s he studied at the University of Paris and the University of Munich. Bradistilov was one of the last students to take Arnold Sommerfeld's course in theoretical physics before his retirement. In 1938, he defended his doctorate, with Oskar Perron as advisor, at the University of Munich.

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