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Sohag (Arabic: سوهاج[soˈhæːɡ] Sohāj, Saidi Arabic pronunciation: [suːˈhaːdʒ] Sūhāǧ), also spelled as Sawhāj, Suhag and Suhaj, is a city on the west bank of the Nile in Egypt. It has been the capital of Sohag Governorate since 1960, before which the capital was Girga and the name of the governorate was Girga Governorate. It also included Esna Governorate (nowadays Qena Governorate).

Until the 19th century there was only a village in the area. In 1960, the capital of the Governorate of Girga was transferred from the city of Girga to Sohag and the governorate was renamed accordingly. It is unclear how long this site has been inhabited. There are several mummies that date back to Roman times in the village. In Coptic times a community of monks lived at the White Monastery in the area.

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