Capri funicular

Sorrento, Italy

Capri funicular

The Capri funicular (Italian: Funicolare di Capri) is a funicular railway on the island of Capri, in the Campania region of Italy. The line connects the Marina Grande on the coast with the Piazza Umberto I in the centre of the island. It is 670 metres (2,200 ft) long and includes a 68-metre (223 ft) tunnel and a 50-metre (160 ft) viaduct, climbing a vertical distance of 139 metres (456 ft).

The line was built by Von Roll and opened in 1907, being managed by the Società Imprese Capri (SIC). It was rebuilt in 1958, with the old four-wheeled cars replaced by much larger bogie cars, and the haulage equipment also replaced. A further rebuilding in 1991 again replaced the cars and haulage equipment. The line underwent a four-month upgrade in early 2018, with the work including replacement of the winding motors and a remodelling of the two cars, resulting in a 20% increase in capacity.

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