Piazza Umberto I

Sorrento, Italy

Piazza Umberto I


Piazza Umberto I (or Piazza Umberto Primo from the 1930s, La Piazzetta, meaning "little square"; nicknamed, "the little theater of the world") is the most famous square of the island of Capri, Italy. The square is located in the historic center of Capri, in the eponymous town Capri, on the eastern end of the island, and since Roman times, it has been considered the center of the town and the meeting point of the island by both residents and others.

The church of Santo Stefano was built in the eighteenth century and was converted into a cathedral when the Bishop of Capri established his seat there. A staircase was added to connect the church with the square and the bishop's residence, now the town hall. The bishopry remained until 1818 when, by order of Pope Pius VII, the diocese was suppressed and Capri was absorbed into the Diocese of Sorrento.

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