Rudbaxton Rath

Spittal, United Kingdom

Rudbaxton Rath

Rudbaxton Rath is a ring-shaped enclosure together with a ringed keep in the parish of Rudbaxton, Pembrokeshire, Wales. It is situated roughly 1.54 km northeast of Crundale and about 2.39 km east of Haverfordwest Aerodrome.

It is the remains of a medieval defensive ringfort, hillfort or castle, probably made of timber. At the site are the remains of light earthwork. The nearly circular interior area is surrounded by a counterscarp and measures around 100 metres north to south by 95 metres east to west. A possible entrance has been identified at the north side. There is a rampart that is around 3 metres high. Within the western rampart an elliptical enclosure can be seen, measuring (north-northwest to south-southeast) roughly 50 metres by 32 metres.

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