Stavanger, Norway

Stavanger is Norway's fourth largest city, at 130,000 citizens. It is the largest city in, and the administrative centre of, Rogaland county in West Norway. Stavanger is the centre of the Norwegian oil industry and has the only petroleum museum in Norway. It also has a preserved old town on the west side of a charming waterfront. Stavanger cathedral is largely unchanged since early 12th century and the best preserved cathedral in Norway.

Stavanger sits on the northern part of the Jæren flatland just south of the wide Boknafjord. Stavanger has a mild, humid Atlantic climate. There is less rain (1180 millimeter annually) but more wind than in Bergen. All months are on average above 0°C, January and February around 0.5°C on average. Snowfall occurs, but snow rarely stays for a long time. There is rarely deep frost.

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