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Stillwater, in the Frontier Country region of Oklahoma, is home to Oklahoma State University (OSU). It has a distinct small town feel combined with a uniquely welcoming mid-west atmosphere, and OSU brings a young diverse population further enriching the city's culture. The population of 50,000 (2019) varies depending on the time of year from a peak during OSU's homecoming football weekend to the less crowded summer when most students are on break. Stillwater has several districts each with their own unique atmosphere and places to enjoy. Whether you are looking to shop in Downtown Stillwater's boutique shops, enjoy outdoor recreation on the edge of town, or wanting to live it up at a famous bar on The Strip, Stillwater has a place for everyone.

From the Oklahoma City area, Stillwater can be reached in an hour's drive by travelling north on I-35 and then travelling east on Highway 51. The Cimarron Turnpike serves as the major thoroughfare to reach Stillwater from the Tulsa area, and Stillwater can be reached within an hour-and-a-half using this route.

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