Exercishuset, Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

Exercishuset, Stockholm

Exercishuset (Swedish: "The Drill House") is a building on the islet Skeppsholmen in central Stockholm, Sweden, is as of 1995 incorporated as part of the new building for the Moderna Museet and Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design.

Built just south of the Skeppsholmen Church in 1853, and designed by Fredrik Blom, the original purpose of the building was to train the Navy staff in the complicated handling of the canon sloops and dinghies, the former 20 metres (66 ft) in length and operated by 14 pairs of oars pulled by 54 men, and the latter half the size. Another benefit of the building was the shipyard on the eastern shore being sealed off, as the main entrance at the time was found on the eastern side. However, the rowing vessels were discontinued in 1871, and the building therefore enlarged in 1881, as designed by Blom's successor Victor Ringheim to adapt to new warfare technology. In 1955, the National Museum of Fine Arts moved into the building, and three years later the Moderna Museet under Pontus Hultén. As the latter museum was rebuilt and enlarged to the design by Rafael Moneo, starting 1994, the Drill House became part of the new complex and is from 1998 accommodating the Museum of Architecture.

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