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Stokeinteignhead () is a village and civil parish in the Teignbridge district of Devon, England, above the southern bank of the estuary of the River Teign. The parish has a short boundary on the estuary, and is otherwise surrounded, clockwise from the north, by the parishes of Shaldon, Torbay, Coffinswell and Haccombe with Combe. It is twinned with the French commune of Trévières, Calvados.

Despite its closeness to the river Teign, the name is not derived from it: in the Domesday Book the district contained thirteen manors which totalled an area of ten hides and the whole area was known as the "Ten Hide". This was later corrupted to "Teignhead" through the influence of the river name. The name of the nearby village of Combeinteignhead has a similar derivation.

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