Strabane, United Kingdom

Strabane is a town in County Tyrone in Northern Ireland, and since 2015 part of the Council District of Derry and Strabane. It's an economically depressed market town with a population in 2011 of 13,172. It stands on the east bank of the River Foyle, which forms the border with the Republic of Ireland. Over on the west bank, a 15 min walk across the bridge, is Lifford, a small village yet it's the county town of County Donegal. Its few amenities are also described here.

Strabane has been defined by its three rivers. The River Finn flows out of Donegal to the west, while the Mourne River flows down from Omagh to the south. At Strabane they combine into the River Foyle, which flows 14 miles north to reach the sea at Derry. Fed by the ample Ulster rain, they're fast-flowing and were harnessed for mills, to process flax into linen. But that made them difficult to ford, so at Strabane there was a ferry to Lifford on the west bank, and since 1730 a bridge. There's no other crossing of the Foyle until you reach Derry.

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