Venø Church

Struer, Denmark

Venø Church



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Venø is a small Danish island located in Limfjorden in the north of Jutland, 3 kilometres (2 miles) north of Struer. It is 7.5 kilometres (4.7 miles) long and has a maximum width of 1.5 kilometres (0.9 miles). With an area of 6.5 square kilometres (2.5 square miles), it has a population of 204 as of 1 January 2015. Since 1958, there has been a ferry service from Venø Odde, the island's most southerly point, over the narrow sound to Kleppen. Venø's highest point, Forstov Bakke, is 27 metres (89 feet) above sea level and has cliffs to the west. The island is a popular holiday destination with good beaches and camping facilities. The only village is Venø By in the centre of the island and has Denmark's smallest church as well as a small fishing harbour which is suitable for pleasure boats.

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