Bust of Lenin (Taganrog)

Taganrog, Russia

Bust of Lenin (Taganrog)

The Bust of Lenin is a sculptural image of Lenin, erected in 1978 in front of the Taganrog City Administration. The Lenin bust is installed in front of the Administration building of Taganrog City (73 Petrovskaya St.), and was built in 1978. The sculptor is B.A. Plenkin, and architect S. Tserkovnikov.

In December 17, 2013 the Committee of Architecture and Town Planning of Taganrog, at a meeting of the Standing Committee of the City Council of Taganrog on Budget, Taxes and Economic Policy the deputies were presented with the initiative of the chief architect of Taganrog Olga Shcherbakova to place the "City of Military Glory" on Petrovskaya Street, in front of the Administration of Taganrog.

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