Eesti Raudtee

Tallinn, Estonia

Eesti Raudtee

Eesti Raudtee or EVR is the national railway infrastructure company of Estonia. It owns a network of 691 kilometres (429 mi) of broad gauge (1,524 mm (5 ft)) railway throughout the country, including the 192 kilometres (119 mi) used by the Elron commuter trains around Tallinn. Its sole shareholder is the Government of Estonia.

After the independence of Estonia, the state-owned company Eesti Raudtee was founded on January 1, 1992, as the national railway company of Estonia. On August 31, 2001, 66% of the stock in the company was sold by the government to Baltic Rail Services, a consortium of Rail World (25.5%), Jarvis (25.5%), Railroad Development Corporation (5%), and OÜ Ganiger Invest, led by Estonian entrepreneurs Jüri Käo and Guido Sammelselg (44%).

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