Pirita convent

Tallinn, Estonia

Pirita convent


Pirita Convent (Estonian: Pirita klooster) was a monastery for both monks and nuns dedicated to St. Brigitta, located in the district of Pirita in Tallinn, Estonia. It functioned from 1407 to 1575. It was the largest convent in Livonia, and one of the largest in Northern Europe.

The idea of founding the monastery dates to merchants (H. Huxer, G. Kruse, H. Swalbart) of Tallinn of around 1400. In 1407, two monks from Vadstena Abbey arrived in Tallinn to counsel the merchants. The first permit to break dolomite to gather building material for building the complex was acquired in 1417. The convent was constructed under the supervision of the architect Heinrich Swalbart.

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