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Târgu Mureș (, Romanian: [ˈtɨrɡu ˈmureʃ] (listen); Hungarian: Marosvásárhely [ˈmɒroʃvaːʃaːrhɛj] (listen)) is the seat of Mureș County in the historical region of Transylvania, Romania. It is the 16th largest Romanian city, with 134,290 inhabitants as of the 2011 census. It lies on the Mureș River, the second longest river in Romania (after the Danube).

The current Romanian name of the city, Târgu Mureș, is the equivalent of the Hungarian Marosvásárhely, both meaning "market on the Mureș (Maros) [River]". Târg means "market" in Romanian and vásárhely means "marketplace" in Hungarian. Local Hungarians often shorten Marosvásárhely to Vásárhely in speech.

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