Atashgah of Tbilisi

Tbilisi, Georgia

Atashgah of Tbilisi

The Atashgah, also transcribed as 'Ateshgah (Georgian: ათეშგა, from Persian: آتشگاه‎, "fire temple") is an ancient Zoroastrian fire temple in Tbilisi, Georgia. It was built when Georgia was a part of Persian Empire in Sasanian era (224-651 AD). It is described as the "northernmost Zoroastrian fire-temple in the world."

Atashgah is located around 100 meters east of the Holy Mother of God Church of Bethlehem, on the Old Town slopes northeast of the Mother Georgia statue. It is an ancient brick building with a protective curved perspex roof. The temple is one of the oldest religious buildings in the Georgia's capital located in the historic part of the city.

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