Vasil Barnovi street

Tbilisi, Georgia

Vasil Barnovi street

Vasil Barnovi Street (Georgian: ვასილ ბარნოვის ქუჩა) - street in Tbilisi, in Mtatsminda and Vake districts. It runs from Brothers Kakabadze Street to the Round Garden (former Vake Square), after which it turns into Irakli Abashidze street.

The street originated in the 80s of the XIX century. In 1884 it was renamed Ghunib Street (named after the 25th anniversary of the fall of Ghunib Fortress and the capture of Shamil). Initially, the entire street was located in Vera. After the development of the Vake district, the street continued and was renamed after Vasil Barnovi in 1922 (he lived on this street). In 1992, part of the street, from the Round Garden to Archil Mishveladze Street, was named after Irakli Abashidze. At the intersection of Barnov and Irakli Abashidze streets, in the round garden, there is a bust of Raphael Eristavi (sculptor Elguja Amashukeli, architect G. Mirianashvili) and a sculptural composition "Little Prince" (sculptor I. Zhvania).

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