Teberda, Russia

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Teberda (Russian: Теберда́) is a town under the administrative jurisdiction of the town of republic significance of Karachayevsk in the Karachay–Cherkess Republic, Russia, located in the Caucasus Mountains 105 kilometers (65 mi) south of Cherkessk at the elevation of about 1,280 meters (4,200 ft). Population: 9,058 (2010 Census); 7,827 (2002 Census); 8,840 (1989 Census). The Teberda River flows through the town. It is the gateway to the Teberda Nature Reserve, an area is known for its natural environment and hiking trails.

It was founded in 1868 as a Karachay settlement, and was originally called Baychoralany-Kyabak. Town status was granted to it in 1971.

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