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Tekirdağ (pronounced [teˈciɾdaː]; see also its other names) is a city in Turkey. It is a part of the region historically known as East Thrace, located on the Balkan peninsula in southeastern Europe. In 2019 the city's population was 204,001. There are honorary consulates of Greece and Bulgaria in Tekirdağ.

Tekirdağ was called Bisanthe or Bysanthe (Greek: Βισάνθη/Βυσάνθη), and also Rhaedestus (Ῥαιδεστός) in classical antiquity. The latter name was used until the Byzantine era, transformed to Rodosçuk after it fell to the Ottomans in the 14th century (in western languages usually rendered as Rodosto). After the 18th century it was called Tekfurdağı, based on the Turkish word tekfur, meaning "Byzantine lord". In time, the name mutated into the Turkish Tekirdağ, and this became the official name under the Turkish Republic. The historical name "Rhaedestos" (transcribed also as Raidestos) was continuously used until today in Greek Orthodox ecclesiastical context (e.g. Bishop of Raidestos, Metropolitanate of Heraclia and Raidestos (18th-19th centuries).

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