Bialik House

Tel Aviv, Israel

Bialik House


Bialik House (Hebrew: בית ביאליק, Beit Bialik) was the home of the Hebrew national poet Hayyim Nahman Bialik in the center of Tel Aviv, Israel, and is now used as a museum. The museum is located on 22 Bialik Street, Tel Aviv, close to the old city hall building.

Bialik purchased a plot of land in Tel Aviv through the offices of the Geula company before settling in Palestine in March 1924. The site was a sandy area leading off Allenby Street not far from a hotel under construction that later became the Tel Aviv municipality. A foundation stone-laying ceremony was held in the presence of Bialik's close friends, among them Ahad Haam, a resident of Tel Aviv since 1922. The house was built by the Solel Boneh company under the supervision of Eliezer Kaplan, later Israel's first minister of finance.

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