Tepoztlán, Mexico

Tepoztlan is a popular tourist destination an hour south of Mexico City. It's famous for the El Tepozteco pyramid, which is on the summit of the nearby Tepozteco Mountain. It's also known for its spas, meditation, alternative medicine clinics and a very traditional city center. It is a small town so you don't need a car to travel within the city. Tepoztlan is the Cradle of many Myths from different pre-Hispanic cultures.

Tepoztlan have been a spiritual center for many cultures, being where Quetzalcoatl, the main pre-Hispanic figure considered as "the pre-Hispanic Jesus Christ", is said to have been born. It is considered a sacred place worldwide and also has hosted different national and international cultural movements. It's the base of Latin America shamanic community, the community of elders of the world, and it has been a retirement town for old war heroes and retired intelligence operatives from around the world. It is also famous for the great number of reported UFO sightings.

Tepoztlán Tours & Activities