Metropolis Theatre (Bronx, New York)

Teterboro, United States

Metropolis Theatre (Bronx, New York)

Metropolis Theatre opened as a theater with 1,600 seats in 1893. It was converted to show motion pictures by 1914 as competition from the Bronx Opera House (1913) took hold. It was in the southwest of the area known as the Hub.

The Spirit of the Times reported on the new theater, the only one above 125th Street in an area made newly accessible by elevated, cable, and trolley cars, in its September 4, 1897 issue noting it was managed by Mortimer Theiss with a Klaw & Erlanger company performing In Gay New York The theatre was decorated in "very rich and very artistic" green, gold, and pink. It had a proscenium arch adorned with a picture "of" Giovanni a depicting "a group of maids and lads dancing to sylvan pipes and capturing kisses". The image was said to have exhibited at the Paris Salon.

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