St. Nick's Pub

Teterboro, United States

St. Nick's Pub

St. Nick's Jazz Pub located at 773 St. Nicholas Avenue, in New York City, in the area of Harlem known as Sugar Hill, Manhattan. It was one of the oldest continuous operating jazz club in Harlem specializing in Jazz and Blues. In the 30s it was known as Poosepahtuck. In the 40s it was known as Lucky's Rendezvous and owned by Luckey Roberts. Luckey was Duke Ellington's and George Gershwin's teacher and mentor. Artists such as Art Tatum, Donald Lambert, known as Donald “The Jersey Rocket” Lambert, Marlowe Morris, Duke Ellington, Clifton Webb, performed at the Rendezvous.

In the 30s it was called Pooseepahtuck Club. Which was named after Poospatuck Native Americans in New York. In the 1930s Joe Jordan was the house pianist, and Monette Moore was a featured vocalist.

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