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Tournai or Tournay ( toor-NAY; French: [tuʁnɛ] (listen); Dutch: Doornik [ˈdoːrnɪk] (listen); Picard: Tornai; Walloon: Tornè [tɔʀnɛ] (listen); Latin: Tornacum) is a city and municipality of Wallonia located in the province of Hainaut, Belgium. It lies 85 km (53 mi) southwest of Brussels on the river Scheldt. Tournai is part of Eurometropolis Lille–Kortrijk–Tournai, which had 2,155,161 residents in 2008.

Tournai is one of the oldest cities in Belgium and has played an important role in the country's cultural history. It was the first capital of the Frankish Empire, with Clovis I being born here.

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