Akasaka Estate

Tokyo, Japan

Akasaka Estate

The Akasaka Estate (赤坂御用地, Akasaka Goyōchi) is a park-like Japanese Imperial Estate, site of several major existing and former Imperial residences in the district of Moto-Akasaka, Minato Special Ward, Tokyo. Besides Prince Hitachi, who lives in Higashi, Shibuya, and the Emperor Emeritus, who lives in Takanawa Residence, many members of the Imperial Family have their official residence on this estate, currently (July 2020) including the Emperor himself. The estate is not accessible to the general public.

Six residences are currently located on the grounds of the estate. At its rough center is located a Japanese style garden, the Akasaka Imperial gardens (赤坂御苑, Akasaka-gyoen), where the Emperor holds twice a year a garden party (園遊会, Enyūkai) to which are invited around 2000 political figures, diplomatic representatives and celebrities in various fields.

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