Koishikawa arsenal

Tokyo, Japan

Koishikawa arsenal


The Koishikawa Arsenal (小石川工廠, Koishikawa Kōshō), formally Imperial Japanese Army Tokyo Arsenal (日本帝国陸軍東京砲兵工廠, Nippon Teikoku Rikugun Tokyo Hōheikōshō) was an arsenal in the Koishikawa area of Tokyo, on the grounds of today's Tokyo Dome City and the Koishikawa Kōrakuen Garden. It was located on the ground of the former residence of the Prince of Mito.

The arsenal was inaugurated in 1871, soon after the Meiji restoration. One of its main early productions was the Murata rifle, the first locally produced Japanese rifle. As of 1893, it was producing about 200 rifles and 200,000 cartridges daily. The arsenal was especially active between the two World Wars, as the Arisaka rifle was produced there. The arsenal also produced licensed Mauser style rifles based on the Gewehr 98 for the military of Siam (now Thailand).

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